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Soda Stream 400g Gas Cylinder - Full

Soda stream bottle for brewing? Of Course!

holds the equivalent of 25 x 16g soda bulbs...

sTill compact and fairly light weight...

enough gas to dispense about 100L of beer / cider

Soda Stream Cylinder | 400g CO2 | Full


These are a great middle ground between a full size 2.6kg or 6kg CO2 bottle and disposable 16g canisters.

  • They are still light and thin enough to be portable.
  • Small enough to fit in your fridge for carbonating home brew
  • They hold the equivalent of 25 x 16g canisters.
  • Enough to dispense over 100L of beer
  • Carbonate and dispense about 50L of home brew.
  • Much cheaper than using the 16 bulbs ($21 to swap vs $62.50 for bulbs)
  • Soda Stream offers a swap and go service in most towns and suburbs in Australia see your local one on the button below.
  • To use them with our professional mini regulator you need the adaptor available below.
  • To use with the 19L keg it is best to use the steel disconnect (available below) so that it hangs vertically and for the same reason the plastic disconnect works better with the mini kegs.


Sodium Percarbonate cleaner 400g

Active oxygen cleaner and sanitiser. We use this one for removing caked on sediment in kegs, fermenters and beer lines. Simply dissolve in warm water and soak. Must be rinsed off but is non-toxic after time.


soda stream adapter to suit our mini regulator

Suits either Australian or USA/EU Sodastream bottles (choose one, US/EU are $24 not $22)


stainless steel disconnect 90 deg angle

If you want to use a sodastream bottle on our mini regulatore and attach it directly to a 19L keg you need this connection so it hangs vertically. The liquid one allows attaching a tap to a keg.


Phosphoric Acid No- Rinse Sanitiser

This is the simplest way to ensure perfect sanitation. 2ml per litre of water produces a high foaming 2 minute sanitiser. Simply leave in contact for 2 min, pour out excess liquid, ignore the foam and use your equipment.

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