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Pure Nitrogen or Food Grade CO2 - 2.2L Disposable Bottle

Holding the same volume of gas as more than 60 of the 16g CO2 bulbs for 2/3 of the price these are a good investment for folks who go through a higher volume of beer or who are force-carbonating home brew.

The same regulator can be switched between either CO2 or N2 bottles allowing you to carbonate an IPA one day and pour a perfect stout the next.

These bottles need a different regulator to the professional mini one that comes as standard with our kits, the required one can be included or not using the options above the Add To Cart button. 

The regulator is a high pressure capable dual gauge one that shows the pressure inside the gas bottle as well as inside the keg. 

The bottles have a valve in them that closes when you disconnect the regulator so you can switch between gases whenever you choose.

If you would like to buy a keg package that normally includes the mini regulator but swap it for one of these regulators and gas bottles send us an email to and we will organise an invoice with the changes made.

4L keg package with dual gauge reg and nitrogen bottle in place of mini regulator

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