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Beer Tap System | Premium Steel Keg Tap | iKegger Australia

The Stainless Steel Beer Tap

The standard chrome plated brass "brumby" style beer tap we include as standard on our kits has a couple of disadvantages, it is fine so long as you care for it correctly however it uses a rear sealing design where the beer in the tap drains from the body of the tap with the help from a vent hole drilled at the front of the tap.  

This drainage hole is an ideal place for airborne bacteria and wild yeast to reproduce leaving a foul film that deteriorates the quality of your beer. Every time the faucet is opened contamination occurs.

The drainage hole also means the interior of the beer tap dries out and the resulting residue can stick the tap shut until you take it apart and clean it.

On the other hand this premium beer tap system is made of polished 304 stainless steel with a smooth bore to aid in the foam free dispensing of beer. The forward sealing design shuts off the flow at the front of the tap which in turn keeps wild yeast and bacteria out of the interior of the tap body and stops it ever sticking closed. 

After extensive testing we have decided that these are the highest quality taps on the market.

The “perl” forward sealing design beer taps use a floating o-ring design which is by all means equally as sanitary however the floating o-ring requires the o-ring to move within the tap body to seal correctly. This movement is typically a problem as the tap ages and/or is not serviced regularly and we found that the taps started dripping unless it was cared for correctly.


Another great advantage is the ability to unscrew the end of the spout and replace it with specialised connections that in other beer tap systems would require swapping the whole tap. We have stout spouts in stock that allow you to pour beautiful cascading head on your stout, just like a Guinness on nitro!


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